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BC Increases Zoning Density

Posted on Jan 15, 2024

Secondary Suites and Residential Upzoning

The provincial government has announced multiple pieces of legislation that significantly changes zoning bylaws throughout the province.

Secondary Suites

All communities throughout the province will be required to update their zoning bylaws to allow at least one secondary seat or laneway house on every single...

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B.C. Restricts Short-Term Rentals

Posted on Jan 15, 2024

The British Columbia government has implemented new legislation to restrict those offering short-term accommodation to live on the property they're renting. This will force short-term rental platforms to share their data with the province for enforcement and tax purposes, and would limit short-term rentals to within a host’s own home, or a basement...

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Market Update Nov 2023

Posted on Nov 30, 2023

With only one more month to finish the year, we now have a good idea how the Similkameen real estate market fared so far in 2023. The data shows that unit sales have fizzled out compared to last year as interest rates continue to be a big challenge for potential buyers.

November is the first month in 2023 where listing inventory has fallen as listin...

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Princeton Real Estate Year in Review 2023

Posted on Nov 30, 2023


  • Year-to-date property sales are down -27% compared to 2022
  • Average sale price is down -7% compared to 2022
  • 35% of all new listings sold year-to-date
  • Lowest unit sales numbers in a decade
  • Expect a flat real estate market for 2024
  • Interest rates remain a top concern for first half of 2024
  • A surge in population growth will continue to affect housi...

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Legislative Changes to Housing in BC

Posted on Nov 16, 2023

Short-Term Rentals:

Only a few weeks ago the provincial government announced new legislation to comprehensively change how short-term rentals are regulated. The new regulations are intended to give municipalities and the province more power to regulate short-term rentals across the province. The new legislation will:

  • As of May 2024, limit short-term...

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Real Estate 3rd Quarter Update

Posted on Oct 04, 2023

Princeton Real Estate Market Update - September 2023

As summer transitions into fall, the Princeton real estate market continues to exhibit distinctive trends. Here is a snapshot of the key statistics for September 2023:

**Active Listings:**

Currently, there are 119 active listings in the Princeton area, providing prospective buyers with a variety of...

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