December 2015

Movie About Housing Crash Hits Theaters

Posted on Dec 31, 2015 in Real Estate News

The Big Short

The movie of the Michael Lewis book The Big Short hit movie theaters across Canada over the holiday weekend, following a limited release earlier in the month. It stars Christian Bale, Steve Carrell and Brad Pitt and charts the build-up of the housing and credit bubble and a group who saw it coming and set out to profit from it. The mov...

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Top 5 Gift Ideas For Truck Owners

Posted on Dec 24, 2015 in Country Lifestyle

These useful gift ideas are perfect for the truck guy or gal in you life. Whether it's camping, RVing, exploring, or 4x4ing these items make a great addition to your Princeton outdoor lifestyle:

  1. Portable CB Radio
  2. Portable Air Compressor
  3. Winch Accessory Kit
  4. Tonneau Cover
  5. Adjustable Tow Hitch

Click on the video for the rundown of each gift...

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My Furnace & Water Heater

Posted on Dec 22, 2015 in Home Repairs

This is a quick review of the Navien tankless water heater and the Goodman high efficient natural gas forced air furnace that was installed in my home on August 2015.

Navien Tankless Water Heater
In an effort to increase efficiency and let's face it, to replace an aging hot water tank that should have blown up a long time ago I finally decided to tak...

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Changes coming to Minimum Down Payment

Posted on Dec 15, 2015 in Real Estate News


The Canadian government announced today that it is increasing the minimum down payment on insured mortgages from 5 per cent to a two tiered system under which the minimum down payment on houses priced above $500,000 will remain at 5 per cent, but there will be an additional 10 per cent required on the portion of the house price...

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