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1st Bench   --   1st Bench - British Columbia/Princeton Bc #1

1st Bench

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1st Bench Princeton Bc, British Columbia

Part of Princeton's largest neighbourhood consisting of three tiered plateaus (benches). The "First Bench" is split into two parts. The Northern half features large older heritage style homes and is where the newly constructed Miners Climb stairs (formerly the "Zig-Zag") is located, providing walking access to the downtown core. The Southern half also contains larger 1900s-1950s era heritage style homes but has seen a recent growth in residential ... read more.

2nd Bench   --   2nd Bench - British Columbia/Princeton Bc #1

2nd Bench

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2nd Bench Princeton Bc, British Columbia

Part of Princeton's largest neighbourhood consisting of three tiered plateaus (benches). The "Second Bench" features 1950s-1970s era homes and a small park with a playground & a basketball court.

3rd Bench   --   Mayne Avenue - British Columbia/Princeton Bc #1

3rd Bench

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Mayne Avenue Princeton Bc, British Columbia

Part of Princeton's largest neighbourhood consisting of three tiered plateaus (benches). The "Third Bench" consists of 3-4 bedroom homes from the 1970s - 1990s. This area also holds the popular "Mine Subdivision" where homes were originally built to house copper mine workers in the early 1970s. The "3rd Bench" also features plenty of parks, playgrounds, the Princeton General Hospital, and Vermillion Forks Elementary School.

Airport   --   Airport - British Columbia/Princeton Bc #1


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Airport Princeton Bc, British Columbia

A small neighbourhood located near Princeton's regional airport (CYDC). The 1 - 3 acre properties have municipal water, but no public sewer service, so receiving and keeping septic maintenance records is recommended.

Allison Flats   --   Allison Flats - British Columbia/Princeton Bc #1

Allison Flats

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Allison Flats Princeton Bc, British Columbia

A larger neighbourhood that meanders along the Tulameen River. The east end features older homes, a large park with playground and a basketball court, a convenience store and an apartment complex. Further to the west end, across China Creek, you’ll find newer homes, two mobile home parks, a bowling alley and John Allison Elementary School.

Deerview Estates   --   Deerview Estates - British Columbia/Princeton Bc #1

Deerview Estates

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Deerview Estates Princeton Bc, British Columbia

A prominent neighbourhood with larger homes built in the 1990s-present. Deerview Estates sits west of town, off Tulameen Road, and is the entrance way to China Ridge Trails for biking, hiking and x-country skiing. The subdivision usually consists of ½ acre lots. Deerview has municipal water, but no public sewer service, so receiving and keeping septic maintenance documents is encouraged.

Downtown Core   --   Bridge Street  - British Columbia/Princeton Bc #1

Downtown Core

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Bridge Street Princeton Bc, British Columbia

The downtown core and its amenities offers convenience to the surrounding residential neighbourhood. These are generally small, older 2-3 bedroom homes that appeal to the retired and first time buyers. Common lot sizes are 33' x 100'. At the north end of the downtown core is a popular swimming hole next to the "wooden bridge." A nearby playground and water park attracts families on those hot summer days. Parks Two Rivers Park:   Located at the co ... read more.

Downtown North   --   Old Hedley Road - British Columbia/Princeton Bc #1

Downtown North

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Old Hedley Road Princeton Bc, British Columbia

The recreational district of downtown that includes a hockey arena, arts theatre, outdoor basketball court, bike park & skateboard park. Princeton Bike Park:  Locally known as the Bike Corral; was developed by a group of dedicated biking enthusiasts of adults, youth and children. Donations from the Town of Princeton, RDOS, and various local businesses and organizations; along with the 2010 Gamestown Gold Grant dollars made this park what it is to ... read more.

East Princeton   --   East Princeton - British Columbia/Princeton Bc #1

East Princeton

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East Princeton Princeton Bc, British Columbia

A small and affordable neighbourhood east of town located near Princeton's industrial park just off the Old Hedley Road. You will find small, older homes in the area. The subdivision has just received an updated municipal water system. Buyers should take note whether septic systems have been maintained and if the water upgrade levy has been paid outright or attached to the annual property tax.

Industrial Park   --   Industrial Park - British Columbia/Princeton Bc #1

Industrial Park

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Industrial Park Princeton Bc, British Columbia

Princeton has the advantage of being centrally situated between the province's major cities, with prime industrial land and a community willing to make long term investments. The Town has committed to facilitating the development of this land through investing in infrastructure and a willingness to respond quickly to municipal approval related issues. With the copper mine reopening in 2011 and business such as the Weyerhaeuser Mill already presen ... read more.

Pines Park   --   Pines Park - British Columbia/Princeton Bc #1

Pines Park

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Pines Park Princeton Bc, British Columbia

Located next to the Similkameen River, the neighbourhood is popular for its active summer recreation facilities that feature three baseball diamonds, an outdoor public pool, tennis courts and a playground. The area consists of a large mobile home park and some recently constructed single family dwellings.

Similkameen Tunnel   --   Similkameen Tunnel - British Columbia/Princeton Bc #1

Similkameen Tunnel

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Similkameen Tunnel Princeton Bc, British Columbia

Although mostly consisting of small, affordable single family dwellings, there have been recent improvements in the area. A residential duplex subdivision and upgrades to the Trans Canada Trail have been helping this neighbourhood gain popularity, especially to the outdoor enthusiast. The area features a playground / park and a 400 foot tunnel that leads you to a train bridge over a popular swimming hole in theTulameen River. Keep going and the t ... read more.

Westridge Heights   --   Westridge Heights - British Columbia/Princeton Bc #1

Westridge Heights

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Westridge Heights Princeton Bc, British Columbia

A recent subdivision consisting of larger homes built in the mid 1990s to 2015. Westridge Heights is a three phase subdivision located just southeast of downtown, off of Hwy 3. Featuring a playground, a fitness training facility and access to walking trails. Many of these homes have views overlooking the Similkameen River and valley and are serviced by public water and sewer.

Copper Creek Apartments   --   66 Angela Avenue - British Columbia/Princeton Bc #1

Copper Creek Apartments

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66 Angela Avenue Princeton Bc, British Columbia

Three story apartment complex that is conveniently located downtown. The complex was extensively renovated in 2008 and features wheelchair access, covered balconies, open parking stalls. It is located across the street from the water park and the Tulameen River. 

Bonlin (Rural)   --   bonlin road - British Columbia/Princeton Bc #1

Bonlin (Rural)

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bonlin road Princeton Bc, British Columbia

Rural neighbourhood just west of town. Serviced by private septics and wells. Many of these properties have beautiful easterly views of the valley.

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